This digital tome would not be possible without the information and support of the following convocations of allied duelists:
  • Lord Magnus De Laval's Old School Magic Blog
    The primary source for 93/94 Old School Magic information crafted by the progenitors of the format. This is where it all began, and you will not be disappointed. If you found your way to my blog, you probably are already well acquainted with this.
  • Jaco's Eternal Central
    Eternal Central is the best source for articles, insight, and general information on Magic's eternal formats.
  • Randy "Rampage: 2" Nelson's Land Lotus Juzam
    'Ol Randy runs this site for the NYC 1995 (up to Ice Age) Old School Magic scene. This site has more Old School Flavor than any other MTG website and deserves a look. The videos are incredible.
  • "Shaman" Ben Perry's MTGUNDERGROUND
    You will find no better blog out there that mixes fanciful verbal flavor with anti-establishment sentiment for formal MTG play than Ben's blog.
  • Geena Buxton's Nomad Gamer
    Nomad Gamer is is a multifaceted gaming blog, but its editor-in-chief, Geena, has been crafting some fantastically written posts specifically about Old School Magic. Definitely worth the read.
  • Guillaume Soucy's Argivian Restoration
    A new blog with an emphasis on 93/94 Old School and cubing.
  • Chris Cooper's articles on manaleak.com
    Chris writes about many formats, but has a great passion and understanding for Old School MTG. His articles are perfect for beginners and seasoned mages alike.
  • Nick's RetroNick
    Nick runs this site mainly focussed on vintage game/system collection but has recently started branching out to include other collectible games, such as Magic, as well. He is an avid Legacy player and a fan of Old School Magic. His site is an excellent resource for esoteric vintage gaming.
  • The Mana Drain
    The prime web forum for Vintage MTG.