Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello all,

This is my first post for this blog, with many more to come. The primary purpose of this blog will be documentation of my participation in and enthusiasm for Old School and Vintage Magic: the Gathering. Primarily, most of my playing happens in the Chicago, but I try to make it to as many national tournaments.

The name of this blog comes from a joke Jaco made while we were playing Vintage a few months ago. The joke basically was that while Steve Menendian wrote a book dedicated to optimally playing Gush, called "Understanding Gush," I should write a book titled "Understanding Ancestral Recall" – for whatever reason Ancestral was in something like 80% of my opening hands. Clearly I was "understanding" all too well. Expect the hardcover from Eternal Central sometime later this year ;)

My aim is to post a good amount of tournament reports, as well as any other relevant (and likely a good amount of irrelevant) information pertaining to Old School and Vintage as my time permits. The "Lair of Chaos" now has 1 Chaos Orb flipping video, but I took about 10 at our 5.30.15 Chicago Old School get together, so expect more videos as soon as I can edit them.

The 5.30.15 Chicago Old School get together was a great success, as we were able to enjoy many hours of Old School dueling, great food from Over Easy Cafe, and some acceptable beer from Gio's Bar. Five duelists attended representing four different archetypes – 2x Heavy Black with White/Blue splash, Blue/White/Green Stasis, Red/Blue/Green Tempo, and Red White Green Tax-Edge. Photos can be found in the Duels section.

We played for about 6 hours, and I am pretty sure that Jaco's Red/Blue/Green Tempo deck did the best. I know that I personally lost most of the games I played against it. We all had a great time and will be meeting again on Thursday. I should have some fun updates then.

Expect many more updates in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading.


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